In accordance with IMPALAoverseas’ Vision, Mission and Values, our social responsibility convinces us that businesses should balance profit-making activities with activities that benefit society. Indeed, we believe that a business's relationship to its society and environment is a critical factor in operating efficiently and effectively. It involves for us developing businesses with a positive relationship to the society in which they operate. In order to truly implement these values in practice IMPALAoverseas is actively involved in the Belgian non profit organization ‘Exchange’.

Exchange aims to make a real contribution to the achievement of the United Nations goals for a better world, the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, the ultimate aim of which is to end poverty, restore the ecological balance of the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

In this overall context, a specific approach is chosen through the private sector, which has been the organisation’s niche and specialty since its founding. Exchange considers its mission to have been accomplished if the commitments to the private entrepreneur in the South have been met, it has helped making known in the North the entrepreneur’s ambitions for growth, support has been provided, and the resources, people and contacts have been supplied as agreed.

The collaboration between Exchange and the partner in the South takes place in a structured way, within the framework of a process methodology, with appropriate mechanisms and milestones determined for this purpose. Exchange wants to have an impact in Africa and therefore works in sectors only, where a permanent South team ensures that all the criteria for sustainable benefits for humans and the environment form the basis of every programme that is supported.

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